Type G90/15

Power pump version fire pump


  • Nominal flowrate : 1500 l/mn
  • Nominal pressure : 15 bar at 4400 rpm
  • Dimensions : L=370-H=410-W=480
  • Service weight : 69 Kg

Specific features

For fitting onto a vehicle-mounted or trailer fire pump. This model is fitted with a housing for flange fitting to the engine, a clutch transmission and a coupling flange.

  • Single-cell centrifugal pump.
  • Material : turbine, vacuum box flange, vacuum box and impeller made of UE12 bronze.
    Volute and nose made of UE12 bronze, stainless steel shaft.
  • Feed diameter : 1*ND 100.
  • Discharge diameter : 1*ND 100.
  • Primer : electric.


  • Option : Water ring primer. Manual priming system composed of a ball plug valve and a non-return valve or an automatic priming valve.