About us

HAKA, French fire-fighting equipment manufacturer

HAKA was founded in 1989, and specialised in the construction of power pumps integrating its own single-stage centrifugal pumps, specifically designed for fire-fighting. 

This family business located in Besné in Loire-Atlantique (44), features a production facility for the manufacturing of our equipment in compliance with market standards. Our rationally organised production site houses assembly and machining workshops and a hydraulic test centre, for the design of equipment meeting our client's requirements and our quality commitments.

  • HAKA maintains a privileged partnership with a company featuring an important production plant ensuring high-precision machining in our pump foundries.
  • Our hydraulic test centre allows to systematically test each power pump by submitting it to the conditions imposed by French and foreign standards. Therefore, we guarantee the quality and performance of our equipment before each delivery.
  • With more than 25 years of experience in this sector, our team of qualified professionals is capable of understanding and meeting the needs of fire-fighters and other customers who use our equipment.

HAKA is one of the most successful manufacturers of pumps and power pumps on the French market. Our customers include a large majority of the Regional Fire-Fighting and Rescue Services, the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and high-risk industries (petrochemical, chemical, nuclear power plants, etc.) and a large number of export customers (gas production facilities, oil production facilities, chemical plants, ports, civil protection services, etc.).

HAKA has been the supplier of the central public purchasing office for over 6 years now.